My first webcomic

I suppose this is basically my introduction blog post, part 2… But in this part, and the next couple of posts, rather than trying to tell people who I am, I will be trying to tell people what my webcomics are. Just my webcomics for now, mind you. If I were to start talking about every comic I’ve done, I’d be here a long time.

Wait, that came out sounding kind of wrong. If I come across as bragging about having some long history with the comic industry, then, uh – no. When I say I make comics, I mean just that. It’s something I do as a hobby, for fun. Not professionally. Actually far from professionally.

But I have been doing it a long time. Well, it’s all relative I guess, but my first webcomic went online all the way back in 1999. I was pretty much just a kid back then, and really into Star Wars. And as probably anyone who’s really into Star Wars could tell you, 1999 was a significant year because it saw the release of the first new Star Wars movie since 1983. I was getting my first taste of online nerd culture, reading (but rarely posting) various usenet groups where Star Wars was the topic of conversation.

That was what inspired me to make a comic about a trio of Star Wars fanboys, and – for the first time in my life – share my comic with the world (well – unless you want to count the comics based on Bible stories me and a friend drew when we were like ten years old that got published in a bi-monthly religious publication). I used a free hosting service which has long since died, and – if memory serves – put up somewhere between five and ten comic strips before basically forgetting the whole thing and leaving the comic and website to rot. I do remember going to various online communities and posting links to it, hoping for people to check it out and give me feedback. In the end, I think I remember about three guys responding. One guy on usenet was very negative, another guy on some forum was quite positive and the third guy agreed with the second guy. I guess a 66.6% approval rating isn’t bad for a crudely drawn comic done on crappy printer paper with cheap drawing tools.

Sadly – okay, I’ll be honest – luckily, this comic has not survived the years since its creation. I have nothing left of it to show you. The website hosting it is long gone, as are my own files. And the original drawings, well – even if I should come across them in some forgotten chest in the attic one day, I doubt they will have aged well given the paper and tools I used. And I’m okay with that. Even though that one guy found my jokes funny.

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