Ariel was a little project I started on during my annual summer break from Twice the Triplets in 2016. I wanted to do something simpler, with shorter gags and few characters. The result was a four panel strip series featuring a little girl named Ariel and her single mother Eve. Only two characters in the main cast, in other words. Quite a difference from the ever expanding cast of Twice the Triplets.

I did have a few recurring characters in mind that would’ve appeared had the comic continued. Ricky, the little boy who plays doctor with Ariel. The grumpy landlord who complains about the noise. Ariel’s grandmother who keeps nagging Eve to go out and get herself a new man already. I had a handful of strip ideas featuring these characters that I never followed through with. And some that I did.

Ariel’s oddly colored hair was meant to be symbolic of the duality of her character, she could be sweet and angelic one moment then turn into a demon child the next. Yeah, deep, I know. I don’t think how well this idea is conveyed through the handful of strips I made, but I suppose it’s not terribly important.

Ariel was a comic I had fun doing during the short time I was working on it. Ultimately, I had to shelf it when I resumed work on Twice the Triplets, but I thought to myself that I would return to it someday. Now, I don’t know if I will. But I suppose it’s on the list of potentials.

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