So, I’m blogging…

Well… I’m not good at talking about myself. But when you’re starting a blog, it’s kind of unavoidable to have to write some sort of introduction post, right? To let people know up front who you are and what you’re about?

My name is Berg. Or at least, that’s part of my name. I have a lot of nerdy interests that I may or may not talk about in this blog at some point, but my main hobby is making webcomics. Or just comics. That is, webcomics minus the “web”. Those are comics I make, or begin to make, but that for one reason or another I don’t end up actually publishing on the web.

My main comic these days and for the last four and a half years is a webcomic I call “Twice the Triplets”, or just 2×3 for short. You can check that out on this site, although my guess is if you’re reading this blog then chances are you probably just came from there.

I’ve done other comics besides 2×3 in the past. I also have ideas for other comics I’d like to do in the future. And I have some comics I at some point started to work on, but that for various reasons I’ll probably never get around to complete. Maybe I’ll talk about those someday. That’s one of the things I could talk about in my shiny new blog.

I’ve been thinking about starting this blog for quite some time, actually. I’ve often felt like I wanted to write more in-depth about comics I’m making, such as Twice the Triplets, or about other things I care about, like what comics I read growing up, or which ones I’m still reading. Or maybe even topics not related to comics at all.

A few weeks ago, I broke my arm. While this has forced me to take a break from working on Twice the Triplets, and sadly put a dent in my weekly update schedule, I am slowly (too slowly) getting back into comic’ing. I’ve come to realize that as long as my hand is okay, I can draw with a broken arm – just not as fast, or as comfortably as I would like. Regular updates will resume once I’m confident I can uphold the weekly schedule again, but since this break is happening whether I want it or not – why not take the opportunity given to me by my sudden excess of free time and finally get that blog started?

I don’t know if people will find what I have to say interesting. Maybe those who read my comics will. Maybe not. But at least I have a place now where I can rant as much as I want. Probably mostly about other things besides myself.

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