The story of Henry

I said at the end of my previous blog entry that my next webcomic after Badass Brat would be more ambitious, and yes, I was referring to Twice the Triplets. Before that, though, I had made a short lived comic – one I did end up showing online – called Henry the Comic Strip Character. It was just a silly little thing I felt like doing when I felt burned out on Badass Brat at one point. I wanted to just have fun making a comic, not work hard or worry about quality, just indulge my silliest impulses in the form of a crudely drawn comic strip with excessively stupid jokes and giggle at readers’ confused response. I didn’t much care if anyone other than myself found it entertaining at all, but judging by the response I got, some people did see the humor in it (though they would usually wish it had better artwork). If I am to be completely honest, I should admit that there was a touch of parody about the comic, aimed at the “intelligent, hard working wife and fat, lazy stupid husband” sitcom cliché, but I am not going to claim it had some sort of high-brow subtext.

Groundbreaking comedy.

Henry was originally written in my native Norwegian, and probably is read best that way, but I nevertheless translated most of the strips into English and made them available starting right here.

So. If I made Henry, then how exactly was Twice the Triplets my next webcomic after Badass Brat? Simple: After I made Henry, I made the last few Badass Brat strips after having had a break from it for some time. When the comic ended shortly after, the next comic I made which actually went all the way to becoming a webcomic was Twice the Triplets. So what I told you was true… from a certain point of view.

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